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Quick tips to get professional results on a budget. 

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Promo Photos With Your Smartphone

Learn to take professional promotional images of yourself for you website or marketing material. All you need is your smartphone!  Learn the secret to make this easy. No more setting camera timers and asking others for help to take these self portraits. 

Note: I will recommend the Canva Pro subscription for ease and time saving, but same results can be done with any image editor

The Secret To Easy Self Portraits

Learn in less than 7 minutes, the secret to easy, professional looking, self portraits. Originally recorded to help out others in a mastermind group. 

Let's talk about the "perfect" setting

I'll take you behind the scenes and show you exactly what I used to light my photos and where I took the pictures. 

The Video I Used For The Poses

Here is the full, uncut video that I used to get the poses for the promotional images. You'll see how I adjust and move around based on lighting, and get some ideas for how you can experiment with some great poses. 

Example Photos

Here are a couple example photos from this shoot for you to see the final result. 

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Audacity Tutorials

Learn how to quickly and easily record clean audio for a recorded audio product you may want to produce (i.e. hypnosis audio track, meditation track, guided breath work track).

How to use the Noise Reduction Tool in Audacity

Learn to use the Noise Reduction Tool in Audacity to remove unwanted room noise from your recordings. 

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Video Tips

Quick video tips for you.

How To Replace Video in Vimeo

Learn how to replace video in Vimeo without losing space on your weekly uploads. Also, you'll see how you can quickly set a new thumbnail and rotate video in MacOS.

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Thrive Apprentice (Course Plugin)

Watch Jon as he works through setting up course content (This stuff that you see right here!)

Setting Up A New Lesson in Thrive Apprentice

How to setup up a new lesson in an existing course within Thrive Apprentice. Includes how upload into Vimeo. Also includes me uploading the wrong video and having to fix it. Enjoy!