Are You Struggling With Symptoms That Will Not Go Away?

What if I could help you explore, understand, and move past symptoms that defy explanation? 

I help regular people looking for solutions to conditions and symptoms that defy conventional medical treatment. 

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What to expect?

What causes these symptoms?

Everything starts and ends with ourselves. As human beings, we are multifaceted and complex. Often times, we don't fit into a box. 

Everything that we think, feel, and experience is generated from within ourselves. Sometimes, inexplicable symptoms are called "psychosomatic" - idea generating bodily symptoms.

This is 100% correct and normal!

There are ways of communicating with these parts of us that generate these symptoms. One way to view them is that there is a signal or message that you are trying to communicate to yourself. Once you are able to listen to that message and accept it, you'll be suprised at the change that is possible. 

hidden in plain sight

What are some examples of Psychosomatic Symptoms?

Burnt Out

Feeling a lack of energy and motivation? It's like burning a candle at both ends and running your gas tank on empty. 

Recurring Nightmares

One theory about dreams is they are a way for us to process unresolved emotion from the day. Recurring stress wants to be resolved but may not have the tools, yet.

Poor Sleep

Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Sometimes our minds race, and others it seems like there's nothing you can point to that's keeping you up. 

Grinding Teeth

We grit our teeth when we're angry or faced with something unpleasant. What stress or emotion could be keeping your teeth grinding?

Emotional Eating

Eating your feelings on a regular basis? Addressing the underling emotions that you seek through food can reshape how you enjoy food. 

Distracted From The Present

Feeling dissociated from your life? Like your days are just passing you by and you can't separate one day from the next?

How Can I Help You?

A good night’s sleep could be less than one session away. Sleep is a completely unconscious activity so the more you try to sleep, the easier it is to fail. I can help make this effortless.


Let go of that stress, either acute or chronic, permanently. The more you think about your stressor, the more focus and energy you put on it - this let’s it grow. I can show you how to let it go. 

Release Emotional Triggers

Triggers come from an emotional route, usually from a highly charged situation or incident. Understand the root cause of that trigger so that you can let it go permanently. 

Reframe Limiting Beliefs

Energy is spent on fighting with yourself trying to move past limiting beliefs. I can show you how to change those limiting beliefs and adopt empowering ones. 

Eliminate Emotional Eating

There can be many situations that lead to feelings that drive you to comfort foods. Heal those parts of you that need comfort so you can learn to enjoy food for food, rather than depend on it. 

Find Your Purpose

Do you feel lost or pulled by the currents of life and everything feels aimless? I can teach you how to find that internal direction to move congruently towards your passion in life. 

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How Do You Change Things That You Don't Directly Have Control Over?

Hypnosis is one framework that helps to communicate directly with the unconscious part of you that can generate these unwanted symptoms. 

Once you can connect, accept, and understand the power of mind-body communication, you can take back control over your life, your health, and your well being.

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Jon the Mind Opener

Jon is a pharmacist, hypnotist, and Certified Diabetes Educator. He is passionate about making a tangible, positive impact in the world and has seen the power that changing mindset can have. Jon works with people like you, to find the perfect blueprint for healthy in your life and make that change effortless.


Past Client Stories

Insomnia be gone.

"I'm loving being without insomnia and anxiety at bedtime. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, it's truly a gift. I feel as though I have been given my life back."

Healthcare Professional


Mindfulness. Creativity. Stability.

"Jon is a skilled and empathetic professional who helped me through purposeful hypnosis. I now have the tools I need to live a life of mindfulness, creativity, and stability. I'm truly grateful for Jon's careful guidance and informative teachings."

Human Resource Professional


Easy Peasy.

"I enjoy working with Jon. It was totally different than what I expected. He made it easy to talk about some of those things that I wanted to talk about to somebody and get that help. He's good. He's gonna make it easy to work with."