Two Key Perspectives 

 March 24, 2021

By  Jonathan Nhan

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in the same spot, doing the same things, and feeling the same ways about things day in and day out? This perspective that you may hold is something that could be limiting your ability to change habits or lifestyle in the way that you want. I’m going to offer you a different angle to look at the same old problems. Put aside any objections and consider for a moment a different perspective. You can always pick up where you left off. 

So there’s a problem that’s got you stuck. Maybe you want to get more active. Maybe you’ve been thinking about eating better. Quitting smoking continues to stick on your to do list? Maybe you’re just tired of feeling stressed and anxious about the world around you. You know exactly what you don’t want, and yet it’s hard to move away from it, isn’t it? 

There are times when I get down, and this has happened quite a bit more in the recent past. I can recall vividly the times when I feel down and less than optimal. I know that I have the tools and techniques to change how I’m feeling if I wanted to, but in those moments, it just seems easier to feel those feelings – and that’s okay! 

When I’m finally ready to move forward, one thing that helps is remembering that there are other perspectives and ways of looking at things. I love the idea that there are limitless possibilities in the world available to us at any time, but this idea may seem a bit airy and ephemeral to some so I’ll simplify this down  and offer you 2 perspectives to choose from: 

1) What you DON’T want and 2) What you DO want. 

Let’s start with what you don’t want. Focusing on what you do not want puts into focus exactly the things that you don’t want and keeps it there. The way our minds work is that to not think of something, we have to think about that thing first before we can tell ourselves to not think of it. Go ahead and don’t think of a pink elephant. Framing things in a negative perspective only makes it difficult to move away from these things we no longer want or need because it puts it into our minds eye and focuses our attention on it. 

Knowing what you don’t want helps you if you can then focus on what you DO want. So, when thinking about that problem that you want to resolve, ask yourself “What do I want?”. Are the first few thoughts in your head still things that you don’t want? Put those aside. Frame your answers to be practical goals that you can move towards. What will moving past that problem look like? What would it feel like? Put the focus on what you want. Be honest with yourself and if what you want seems too big to reach in one step, break it down into smaller wants that move you towards your goal. Try that perspective on for size. 

I put together a short PDF on Mindset Mastery and if you’d like a copy, email me at jon@curateandupgrade.ca. I’d love to share it with you. We can change so much when we consider the control we have over our own mindset. Shifting our perspectives and looking through different frames is only one way of doing this. 

Jonathan Nhan

Jon is passionate about making positive, long lasting changes and opening minds.

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